Live Airshow App Success Story

State-of-the-art mobile application on Android and iPhone for their live airshow events


Airshow AppTenFive Productions partnered with AppIt Ventures to develop a state-of-the-art mobile application on Android and iPhone for their live airshow events.

On December 8th, 2015 the TenFive Live Airshow app was awarded the Gold Pinnacle Award for Support Services at the annual International Council of Air Shows convention.

Air Show App



The mobile apps needed to be able to handle high traffic to support over 750,000 event attendees at once without any performance interruptions.


TenFive Productions needed the ability to update the content in the apps at a moment’s notice to provide up-to-date event and parking information.


The apps needed highly efficient, perfectly optimized code to display a real-time video stream from the pilot’s cockpit with sub-zero latency.

Project Management

There were 4 months between concept development and the first event. Not only were the apps ready in time – they were delivered 2 weeks early.


TenFive Productions produces several airshows each year throughout North America. Each event features incredible aircraft exhibits and amazing aerial performances with breathtaking maneuvers. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come from near and far to witness the impressive airshow displays.

AppIt Ventures worked with TenFive Productions to develop an app for iPhone and Android Airshow App that would enhance the airshow experience for event attendees. As attendees arrive to the event, the apps offer real-time parking updates to help find the closest available parking spots. Once on site, visitors have access to the schedule of activities and exhibit information. When guests approach an exhibit, an iBeacon triggers a proximity-based notification to instantly provide information about that aircraft.

The app’s most impressive feature takes visitors from the ground to the sky. During airshow performances, the apps utilize world-class technology to provide real-time streaming video from the pilot’s point of view, putting the audience in the cockpit for a one-of-a-kind augmented reality experience.