Helping Habit Success Story

Improving communities by providing a platform where people can find nearby opportunities to volunteer


Helping Habit aims to be a bridge between volunteers and nonprofits. It allows a nonprofit organization the flexibility to post all of their events on a platform that is easy to use and a way to make direct connections with new and existing volunteers. AppIt Ventures worked with Helping Habit to learn exactly what their users, both nonprofits and volunteers, really need, and our design team spearheaded the effort to making all of those features easily accessible and understandable.

Helping Habit originally came to AppIt Ventures about a year before the original development was completed. We had a very thorough Initial Engagement, creating plans for several iterations of the product, the client then worked with a branding company to finalize the product name and other details. All development was completed in about three months, as the client used AppIt Rapid Development to shorten the timeline and decrease his time to market.


Discover Screen

AppIt ventures had to design the app in a way that gave the opportunity to volunteer based on purpose and availability. Helping Habit had to help volunteers easily and quickly sync their schedule with nonprofits, minimize the amount of time required to search for volunteering events and schedule time with a variety of causes.


The Helping Habit app had to provide people with an easy way to connect with volunteer opportunities in their community. Presenting volunteers with opportunities that aligns the needs of charity organizations with the schedules and passions of volunteers.


Helping Habit creates a conversation around each nonprofit by allowing new and existing volunteers to record, promote, and share their experiences socially.


Referrals from friends, family and coworkers are the most effective way to motivate others to volunteer their time. Helping Habit encourages each person to tell the story of their experience and call attention to issues that are important to them.



After several months of work Helping Habit launched on budget and is currently working with non-profits to provide support for young adults and people across all demographics. The software helps communities by creating a platform where they can find nearby opportunities to volunteer and provide support. From the first moment users open the app they can quickly find an event that’s just down the street. There are currently several major national non-profits currently in discussion with Helping Habit about bringing their organizations onboard the software.