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Database development is one of the most important aspects of any custom application, from web to desktop to mobile. Data collected and provided through the user interface represents the true value of the application, and the database is the centralized location where all this content and information is stored. Another essential part of most software is the API, which transfers data between the database and the mobile and web applications to ensure users always see updated content in real-time. Quality built API’s allow for the application’s speed and responsiveness, as well as scalability and security. Because API’s can’t be seen or experienced like the UI of an application can, it’s important to work with a trusted development partner who can consult on and develop quality API’s and protect the usability of your application.

Servers are the storage medium for databases. Essentially large computers, servers house databases and run API’s. Servers can be set up in a variety of ways, depending on your business needs. From an internal server to co-location or cloud, how you set up the hosting for your application depends on the needs of your business. AppIt Ventures works with our clients to design the proper database, API and server configuration to ensure your application’s usability, scalability and security.

Code Languages:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • .Net

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