Automating Business Processes with Mobile Applications to Improve your Bottom Line


At AppIt Ventures we believe the value of technology lies in its ability to achieve business outcomes. When an application departs too radically from the original intention, it mutates from a valuable tool intended to increase revenue and productivity to a high-cost business risk. Poor quality applications place organizations at risk for high maintainability costs and blocks to scalability. Gaps in security can expose businesses and their stakeholders to devastating attacks that can risk the very foundation of a business (just ask Equifax, Sony or Yahoo!). Any custom software project requires thoughtful planning and dedication of resources to prevent these attacks. When clients need to understand the current state of their application, code audits are an essential tool for comprehensive insight. Much like a third-party home inspection, a code audit provides an unbiased technical assessment of the architecture, code and security protocols to determine overall software health and quality. This assessment arms clients with essential information to make the best decision possible for ongoing development of an existing application or maintenance on a completed application.

Reasons for a Code Audit:

  • Visibility: code audits highlight any issues within an application, including maintainability roadblocks, security risks and bugs.
  • Planning: when transitioning development partners or shifting requirements mid-development, code audits bring visibility to the overall architecture, design and coding conventions in an application that may impact scope, timeline and budget.
  • Peace of mind: In some cases, business requirements may create a need for a third-party code review or security review. Some of our clients leverage our code audit services as they work through M&A activities, plan for future maintenance or support needs, or to provide assurance to their clients who might be interacting with their application in high-security or heavily regulated environments.


So you know you want an application built, but what’s next?  We created this Mobile App Development eBook to help business owners or non-technical people understand what is the right development process and what it takes to build a mobile app.  This Mobile App Development eBook breaks down of all necessary elements that go into developing a mobile app for your business, building a quote, determining a timeline for your project and tips on how to get started with Mobile App Development.

  • What’s in a Code Audit Report
  • Why Code Audits are Beneficial
  • Custom Software Development Risks


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