Master Your Skills With Peak Guitar!

Today is an exciting day for us here at AppIt Ventures and for guitar players everywhere, because we just launched Peak Guitar! Peak Guitar is a free iPad app designed to help advancing guitarists master their skills. Whether you’re trying to impress your loyal fans at home or an audience of thousands, this app will help take you to the next level.

The app was conceived by Paul Murin, an expert guitar player and instructor who has been teaching guitar for more than 20 years. Murin has a background in musical composition and an emphasis on the classical guitar technique. He created Peak Guitar because he recognized that guitar skills could be taught in an interactive way through a mobile application.

Peak Guitar teaches guitarists everything they need to know and allows them to practice and learn at their own pace. The app includes lessons in three different styles: classic rock, rock, and funk. Within each of these categories, users can learn how to play according to the modal, horizontal, or pentatonic scale.

Peak Guitar makes the process of mastering your guitar skills fun, free, and easy. So download it now and get ready to jam!!

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