Growing Opportunities for Your Business with AppIt Ventures

Due to the continuing rise of mobile technology, new opportunities in the manufacturing industry exist and major competitive gains are being claimed by innovative companies that are up-to-date on the most recent technology.

As an industry, manufacturing remains grounded in the physical world, but internet-enabled sensors and mobile communication technology are bringing about crucial digital enhancements at an increasing rate. Technology is uncovering extensive unused revenue through equipment and labor utilization, increased production and by building more efficient distribution channels between manufacturers and customers. Clients in the manufacturing industry can expect to see increases in a number of operations, including equipment effectiveness, labor utilization and production throughput.

By having your entire organization connected on a centralized, cloud-based platform, you can dramatically streamline communications. Imagine providing customized bids or exchanging digitized documentation in real time. Replacing paper records and manual efforts with digital processes is an easy step toward modernizing your manufacturing business. By moving in a digital direction, your business improves operational efficiency in the short term and valuable data is accumulated over the long haul.

Manufacturing companies will gain a competitive advantage if they utilize their access to this data and leverage the ability to monetize it by way of predictive analytics. According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, Internet of Things integrations are estimated to provide $1-$2.3 trillion in value for the manufacturing industry per year.




AppIt’s team of manufacturing app builders provides the experience necessary to transform your concept into a real application. At AppIt Ventures, we can design and build the manufacturing app of your dreams!