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Future Trends in Telehealth and Mobile Healthcare Apps

Introduction  The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has already revealed much about the critical role of telehealth in a crisis. It is also shifted how…
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Applying App Architecture in 10 Minutes | Android Developers

Most professional Android application developers are aware of the Guide to App Architecture, which is a great source of knowledge for building Android…
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How to Setup Flutter on Android Studio for beginners in macOS.

Image designed by Giridhar Reddy Vennapusa   Flutter is an open source mobile app development SDK from Google, used to build beautiful Native…
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Delightful Animations in Android

As mobile app developers and designers, you often create apps to solve problems or get things done for your users. Your app’s UI/UX…
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Build an App for iOS or Android First?

Android and iOS are the two big platforms for mobile applications, but if your resources are limited or you're being cautious, you may…
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Android App Development for the Google Pixel

Android App Development Every now and then, a phone comes along that changes the way apps are developed. It's too early to tell…
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Android App Development: Get Ahead of the Game With Virtual Reality

Samsung is on the verge of something big with their latest technology. Known for being first on the scene with wearable technology —…
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Interesting Facts and History About Android App Development

In the beginning... there was a thing called a telegraph which started in 1792. Wait, this might be going back a little too…
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3 Android App Development Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2016

The world of mobile app development never stands still. No matter the operating system on which you want your apps to run, you…
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iOS App Development vs. Android – Which Platform to Build For First

When a business is looking to invest in a high quality app for their audience, one of the first questions that many people…
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