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AppIt Ventures is a Denver based custom software development company with experienced app developers focused on mobile app development (iOS app development & Android app development), web development, and custom software development.

AppIt Ventures

AppIt Ventures served its first client in 2009, and over the past 9 years has developed over 350 applications for clients ranging from local startups to Fortune 500 companies. Since AppIt’s conception, we have earned recognition from our clients, the press, and the community for being a world-class organization, delivering high-quality applications and a customer-focused process. With an eye toward the future, AppIt Ventures has opened offices in Denver, London, and Hyderabad. Our strategically placed global locations have given us the opportunity to serve clients with condensed project timelines – allowing us to work around-the-clock in order to deliver applications quickly without sacrificing quality. AppIt’s select team of experts represents decades of experience, not only in technology, but also in sales, marketing, and operations.

Why We’re Different

  1. We’re impeccable with our word. In the world of custom software, the variables are endless. Unforeseen development roadblocks can drastically shift the budget or timeline of a project. Constantly changing technology can impact the overall design or approach. Challenges with integration can make or break functionality. Even slight changes in the design of an application can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in budget differences. These risks are present in every custom software development project, which is why it’s important to work with a partner you trust. AppIt Ventures prides itself on doing what we say we’ll do, and we are fiercely protective of your budget and timeline.
  2. We care for our clients. In many of our past-project demos, you’ll hear our team members tell the client’s story, rather than just reviewing the technology itself. Our team members work closely with our clients over weeks and months, intimately acquainting themselves with our clients’ businesses and their projects. This approach allows us to pressure-test our technical recommendations to ensure the end-product serves its principle purpose – to breathe life into our clients’ visions and goals.
  3. We’re passionate about technology. Our passion for technology allows us to remain nimble on the cutting edge of new technology. We’ve built a culture around continuous learning and improvement in development, which allows us to explore and innovate on behalf of our clients. For us, development isn’t just a job, and our clients benefit from the creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm that stems from our love of technology.

Our Culture

At AppIt, the same individualized, custom care we give our clients extends to our employees and company culture. We recognize that employees do their best work when it comes from a place of passion, curiosity, and wellbeing, so we’ve fostered a culture that supports these values. It begins with our hiring process, where we recruit top talent and take care to cultivate a diverse team. We believe that diversity, far from being a mundane PR requirement, is truly a strength—and our company demographics prove it. A diverse team allows varied perspectives and backgrounds to play off each other, ultimately producing stronger and more unique solutions. Once we’ve found individuals that match our rigorous technical and cultural requirements, we take the time and energy to learn each individual’s communication and work style, ensuring that our team communicates effectively and seamlessly across departments. And because a passion for and curiosity about technology is the glue that binds us, we provide ongoing opportunities for our team to pursue continuing education and certifications, nurturing their passions.

Meet Our Team



Amanda has a passion for the way technology improves businesses and lives, which is why she is a proud member of the AppIt Ventures team as well as the founder of the successful meetup, Denver Women in Tech. When Amanda isn't with her clients or co-workers, she's probably checking out the latest Denver restaurant with her husband, traveling with family, or goofing off with her friends.

Vamsi Reddy

Vamsi Krishna Reddy


Innovative thinker with broad-based expertise in operations, finance and business development. Proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow bottom-line. He likes swimming to relax and travelling to taste different food and cultures around the world.

Rick Arthur


Rick Arthur is a CFO whose expertise is built on Financial Intelligence and 35 years in senior financial roles. Coupled with a CEO’s perspective and the experience of building his own $20 million company, he brings a unique depth of insight into business from the top down. Wired to get to know people, Rick works hand-in-hand with business owners of intentional, growth-oriented companies, solidifying relationships as a trusted advisor and confidant to his clients. He leverages his experience to help business owners gain traction and stay laser-focused on the company’s vision, cash flow, and profitability – all while creating big picture solutions for strategic planning, growth and sustainable success.

Emma Porter


Emma has a passion for problem solving, and she's always thinking about how something can be designed better to optimize one's experience.  Her creativity allows her to explore off the wall ideas that work to offer seamless UX designs. Outside of designing, Emma spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering at various non profits in Denver, and diving into other creative passion projects.


Kayla Benson


Kayla is a client services professional with a background in customer success and project management. She brings a passion for technology and strong organizational skills to every project she manages. When she's not working, you'll find her checking out the Denver restaurant scene, practicing pilates or hanging out with her miniature dachshund, Penny.


Ryan Haines


Ryan's background in engineering contributes to his passion for helping companies solve their most important business problems through innovative technology solutions. Outside of the office he loves to play softball and ice hockey, ski, bike and fish.


Lucy Strumbos


Hailing from Detroit, MI, Lucy made her way out to Colorado to attend CU Boulder and hasn't looked back. She is proud to lend administrative support to the incredible AppIt team. When she’s not working, she enjoys baking, exploring the Denver restaurant scene, true detective stories, and photographing dogs.

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